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Dreaming of the ocean’s embrace and the thrill of the waves beneath my feet, I’ve always yearned to create something that embodies the essence of surf culture. From the earliest moments when the idea first sparked, to the countless sketches etched with passion, the dream of starting my own brand has been a constant beacon of inspiration. Freestylers isn’t just about apparel; it’s a manifestation of my love for surf, skate, and the boundless adventure they represent. Each stitch, each design, is infused with the same spirit of freedom and expression that fuels my soul. Welcome to Freestylers, where every wave is a canvas, and every ride is a celebration of the dream.

Cameron Green – Founder & CEO

Absolutely loving my Freestylers crop top hoodie! As someone who’s always on the move, comfort is key, and this hoodie delivers in spades. The fabric is incredibly soft against my skin, making it perfect for those early morning beach runs or cozy DAYS AT COLLEGE. Not only does it feel amazing to wear, but the stylish design adds a touch of flair to any outfit. Thanks, Freestylers, for keeping me comfy and stylish wherever the adventure takes me! –

Jenna-Lee MacBean